You said
bibi ... what?

Bibimbap. This iconic Korean dish is vibrant and colorful, bringing various textures and flavors together in a bowl! Bibimp means to mix. Bap, rice.

Our goal was to honor this dish while creating original recipes. To do so, we are pushing the concept one step further, offering several variations.

We mix

At Bibiko, it's all about mixing. We mix everything! Rice is blended with seasonal ingredients, but industry standards are also redefined. We set new standards to rethink fast food. We think it should be healthy and well anchored in its environment.

Bibiko is a welcoming place. Our space translates Asian values centered on the community. Around a bowl, we gather, we eat, and we exchange.

Tastes Better

In Bibiko's mixing philosophy, there is:

  • A mix of flavors.
  • A mix of colors.
  • A mix of cultures.
  • Brewing of ideas.
  • Gathering of talented people.
  • A mixing of codes.

Our recipes blend the spirit of traditional and modern Asian cuisine to offer quality fast meals that utilize many local ingredients.

Our culinary designers come from diverse backgrounds and possess a refined palette of Korean, Japanese, South Asian, Latin American and local flavors.

It’s clear to us that diversity tastes better. Diversity takes us further.

to Bibiko !

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